Canteen Management System

Canteen Management System

Most of the organizations today provide Canteen as an additional benefit to their employees and generally provide the foodstuff at an economical or subsidized price. Considering the operational challenges, many companies outsource these activities partially or fully.

Traditional way of canteen management is distributing printed coupon to employees at a pre-paid/post-paid options and manual accounting and this leads to various challenges to have timely and proper accounting and to introduce any control measures.

Since the up-keeping the quality of food and services are very critical for the organization, its also essential to have a good Canteen Management System to control and monitor the overall operations electronically (by bringing automation) and ensuring convenience and comfort to employees as well as management.

Here we are introducing a first-of-its-kind Canteen Management System (ICMS) that can cater to your need. This system is independent of any technology/solution that you are using for your employee attendance.

Inttelix CMS can be configured to suit to specific requirements of any work-place or organization.

Current version support on below scenarios:

  • Checks eligibility criteria in terms employee present status & items
  • Checks for Guests-Employee mapping
  • Checks Meal timings and dynamic menu & updates
  • With or without Kiosk (self-help-devices)
  • Integration with ID cards (RFID/Smart cards & Bar Coded Cards)
  • Integration with Finger Print Readers
  • Integration with Face Recognition Systems and/or dual authentication systems

Unique features

  • Do away with manual system of maintaining the coupons
  • Completely cash-less transactions handling
  • Support both pre-paid and post-paid (Credit/Debit) methods of accounting
  • Tightly integrated with Time and Attendance system
  • Head-count information to Canteen Manager
  • Easy integration with Payroll system for direct debit features
  • Easy integration with Access Control / Visitor Management
  • Set limit on the usage of the canteen facility for employees & timings
  • Daily menu update and instant changes on availability
  • Token dispensing Kiosk for easy operation
  • Scalable for multi-caterers and multi-locations with centralized information flow
  • Scalable for Kitchen Inventory Management of provisions stock
  • Faster bill setting and account reconciliation between company and canteen contractors
  • Easy account of subsidies and chargeable from the employees
  • Easy selection of menus by the Canteen Facility users
  • Usage accountability mapping for visitors/guests to employees
  • Multiple daily/summary reports - employee-wise & item-wise
  • Assist the organization to reduce food wastage
  • Instant information on your finger-tips to avoid emergencies and crisis


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