Face Recognition based Contract Labour Management System (CLMS)

Medium & large sized industries quite frequently use contract labour to meet their demands of manpower requirement of skilled and un-skilled or semi-skilled workers. Generally, these contract labour are provided by contractors who charge the clients on the basis of their skill-sets & time spent. A situation where a large number of such contract workers are deployed regularly, the traditional method of keeping track of their entry and exit leaves a lot of room for skill and time proxies, which add on to the costs of employing such contract workers.

Using a reliable and efficient software solution will help enhance efficiency and eliminate such losses, besides ensuring transparency.

We are introducing a unique solution using Facial Biometric Technology, this is an intelligent system to remove duplication & impersonation at the time of enrolment and allow you to stop the Black-listed persons at the gate.

Safety and security concerns are fast becoming an important part of any dialog about improving school-wide academic performance.

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