Face Recognition based Suspect Detection System

Safety and security of people and assets is very critical for everyone. Simple CCTV solution cannot give you the solution; you need to have an intelligent solution for the same. In public places, it is difficult keep track of unwanted/black-listed persons. The world faces a lot of threats and risks at the present era and for the same reasons the need for upgrading and integrating the security needs at all levels are becoming highly vital.

Video security, biometrics and face recognition systems are at the forefront of the world's efforts to cope up with the threats at hand. The need to accurately detect the suspects in real time or suspicious behavior has become evident in places such as airports and railway stations, government and public buildings as well as around high security facilities such as water and energy utilities.

Inttelix® SDS catering to above needs. This system can prevent unwanted events. It is intelligent enough identify the suspects from a crowd and few seconds and send real-time notification alerts to concerned authority/persons via SMS or email or any other mode.

Whole face capture in surveillance area

Inttelix® SDS acts as a surveillance system that has video recording capability. The system can automatically detect faces of people that appear in the surveillance area.

With its intelligent face recognition algorithms, Inttelix® SDS analyses the input from multiple digital cameras, comparing the captured face images with database containing previously stored profiles and face templates.

As face images are detected, Inttelix® SDS automatically captures and converts those images into facial templates (biometric form) and record into data base. Ongoing basis, system matches all those live templates with the face templates pre-enrolled in the database, thus system identify the Suspects.

Key Features:

  • Enrolment from photograph / still camera / video stream
  • Real time multiple video stream analysis and reconcile the evidence with facts
  • N:N matching from the video / database
  • High scalability in terms of watch list size, number of cameras and live video stream
  • Comprehensive audit trail reports


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