Face Recognition based Volunteer Management System

Face Recognition based Volunteer Management System
Face Recognition based Volunteer Management System

It is an intelligent application with facial biometric features, specially designed for Clinical Research Labs and organization having similar business nature.

The challenges are for the management to verify volunteers who come for the registration for research tests. The organization has to follow certain norms and also have to take care of negative impact of the tests. Many a times the volunteers are not bothered about the restrictions, though they are well informed about the mandatory criteria that they have fulfil for registration purpose, therefore, management has to take complete responsibility to verify the person well in advance - whether he/she had undergone any other tests earlier, if yes when; Does the earlier test is restricting for the current tests; Is the person has got allergy to any specific chemicals, etc. However, without having an intelligent system, it is difficult to monitor these aspects as volunteers many a times won't disclose the facts as they want to earn extra money. So it is critical for the management to control this area, else the test results can go wrong and the whole exercise has to be redone; this cost money and energy and lead to delays.

Here we have a solution which is built on top of facial biometric technology. The person's facial biometrics will be scanned at the time of enrolment and checks for the previous history. System also caters to the generic requirement of the volunteer management and MIS.

Our system was implemented in multiple research labs in the recent past. We carried that learning while designing this generic version which is available now off-the-shelf.


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