Face Recognition based PC Login & Folder Locks (Logon)

A PC has become an integral part of our lives. Most of the people store confidential personal or business information in computers. However, with the trend of increasing number of identity thefts, conventional way of using ID and password to protect access to computer involves lot of risks.

Logon provides a simple but effective option. The integration of Logon and PC camera provides access only when a live-fed face image of authorized user is detected, thus effectively preventing unauthorized access. Logon is a non-invasive technology that does not require physical contact.

Hands-Free Login

This is a revolutionary technology that facilitates secure and biometric login to a Microsoft Windows environment. The software runs an automatic scan and then detects and matches the physical presence of the user, thereby eliminating the need for user name and password. The process does not store any image of the user but uses only algorithm based calculation results.

In case the user is absent, the system locks the computer access until the Logon scan and identifies the user through the physical data stored in the system.


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