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What is FAC-300?

It is a Face Recognition based Time & Attendance cum Access Control system. It works in stand-alone mode as well as networked environment


Why FAC-300?

It's a non-intrusive, person identification and verification system that will help you to eliminate the proxy entries. Compared to Finger Print device where you have to put your fingers for verification purpose, here users have to just look at the camera. Secondly the performance and speed is also excellent. Considering its features and advantages, it's a very economical product suitable for Time & Attendance and Access control.


What are the unique features compared to other products in the market?

Home-grown product that can be claimed as first Indian Face Recognition product
Only device with 1200 user capacity in 1:N scenario & unlimited in network (in 1:1 scenario)
Only Face Recognition Reader with Mifare Card Reader & Wifi by default
Only Face Recognition System where enrolment can be done using a camera and profile can be sent to central server
Only Face Recognition device that capture and store real-time images of the person for audit trail purpose


How does an enrolment process take place? What the users need to do?

Person has to show his/her face properly to the camera,the device will take five templates of the face.


many days' data can be stored by the device internally?

It is not a matter of days, the device can save 1,00,000 logs internally. If it reaches the limit it will give warning. You can configure the device such way (using the free utility application) to push data to a server, so that there is no such limitation to speak about.


Can this be used for Access Control?

Yes, the FAC-300 device can be used for access control by integrating with EM Lock / Turnstile etc.


Which RFID card does it support?

The device supports only Mi-fare card by default.


Why Mi-fare and why not EM?

MI-Fare is highly secured and most reliable card in the market. It has the Frequency of13.56 Mhz.


Can this support EM cards or Barcodes or HID cards?

FAC-300 device supports only MI-Fare card currently. Above options can be given only for made-to-order scenario for high volume off-take.


Does it support dual verification? If yes, what are the modes/options available?

Yes, it supports dual verification modes. Following options are available:-



are the maximum people that can be enrolled in 1:1 scenario?

The device can store 1200 face and 5000 cards and 5000 pin.


What is Master PIN?

It's for security features. Once the Master Pin or Card is set, we can restrict unauthorised access to make changes in the settings.


Why Master PIN?

It is required for changing the settings & configuration, inside the device.


Why you need a Master Card?

It is similar to Mast PIN, gives the convenience to the Administrator. Secondly, if you forget the Master PIN, the Master Card will be handy.


What is the environment that it requires to perform the machine well?

It is designed to perform in an indoor condition.Fac-300 device should not be placed in the direct sunlight area or where back-light is more. A uniform proper lighting condition is to be maintained.


Can this device function in low light or no light conditions?

Four LED's are inbuilt with the device and this can be useful during no light or low light condition, but proper lighting is recommended to get the accurate results.


Can this device function in an open light environment?

No. Being a camera based solution; the direct sunlight causes issues during enrolment and verification process.


What is other infrastructure required to install and run the device?

FAC-300 device required Proper power and Network connection with ambient lightning condition.


Do you need an IT person to manage the device?

No. Once the device is installed, it can work on its own. Since it is very user friendly, anyone can easily understand and operate.


What about sanctity of data? Can somebody manipulate the logs?

No, you cannot manipulate the log; the logs can only be viewed. If required we can delete the whole logs, but not individual records. To restrict unauthorised access, we can set Master PIN.


Can you send the data automatically to a remote server?

Yes, we can send the data automatically from the device, for which the device has to be configuredwith the FAC-300 utility (a free application provided). Through the utility the data's can be sendto the remote server.


For sending the data to a remote server, what all are required?

FAC-300 utility has to be installed in a window based client system. The device and the server configuration have to be configured in the utility. Proper network communication is required for data transmission.


How can I see the logs from the device?

The logs can be viewed from the device directly or through the utility application. Below mentioned steps will show you the current logs:

Menu-> System info -> Advanced -> View Time Log


What is the audit trail mechanism provided in the system?

The device provides operation logs for each event, through which you can check the past actions. (Maintain the last 5000 event logs). System also provides Real-time images of the person verified.


Whether it supports multiple shifts?

The free application provided along with the device provides shift management.


What response the system provide if the person is verified or not?

A voice message is triggered saying "Thank You" and in display it will show a "Welcome" message.


If a person forgot to punch his EXIT punch, what will happen on the next day?

The missed punch will not affect with the device. Butwhen you see the logs through the utility application, the next day punch will be treated as OUT punch.


Is there any free software for T&A provided along with this FAC-300?

It comes with a utility application & E-TAS. Utility application is generally used for downloading the data from the machine and uploading the data to their existing HRMS/ERP/Payroll Solutions. E-TAS is a Desktop based Time & Attendance application that will give 20+ reports that cater to most of the needs of Time Office.


What does the utility application do?

The application once configured with the device can download the logs. You can also view the profiles and delete the logs from device through this utility without touching the device.


What is the requirement of E-TAS?

E-TAS (Employee Time&Attendance system) is a desktop based application which will help to manage, record and control the time attendance record of any type of business organization and it will provide flexi reports.


What is the option available, if I need an advanced Time and Attendance Software?

Inttelix® also provides another T&A application that is a web based application for Time & Attendance. For an organization having multiple branches or locations need only one license. It is an exhaustive product that has to be procured separately at a price, if required.


I wanted to install the devices at various branches/location and we want to get the data to our central server. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible.


If the network is down, what will happen to data?

The device will store the data locally. Whenever the connectivity is established, the data can be accessed through the utility or E-TAS / E-TAPS application.


The device got the limitation of 1200 users in 1:N scenario. If we have 2000 employees, how canwe use this device?

If per location numbers are <1200, there is no issue at all as the application will take care of it. Otherwise there are 2 options - either you can segregate the employees into multiple groups (of < 1200) and specify the device to each group of people OR you can ask for custom-solution where verification can happen in the Server.


Can you provide the application to verify the person at Server level?

Yes, we can provide the application to verify the persons at server level.


Can this device be integrated with other HRMS or ERP application? If yes, what needs to be done?

Yes, can be done. For this, the log structure of the integrating application is required.

Technical Queries


How to set master pin?

Make the existing encryption key to 0, the master pin will be deleted. Now, we can set new master pin and encryption key to make the master pin security enable.


How to set master card?

After setting the encryption key, click on the duplicate master card option. A window showing "swipe a card" will appear. Then swipe a card, master card will be set.


How to check IP address when you forget the master pin?

Click on the menu button, "enter master pin" screen will be displayed. Click on the cancel button for five times continuously, IP address of the device will be displayed.


How to reset master pin if you forget your master pin?

First check the IP address and using IP address, connect the device with the face access software and reset master pin.


How the device will recognize faces, when it is set in sleep mode?

When the device is in sleep mode, just show your face in front of the camera of the device, it will be automatically turned on.


How to connect with WIFI?

Switch on the WIFI connection, set the IP address of the system as sever address of the device, it will be connected with that system.


What is Wiegand output?

Wiegand output makes the system compatible with different access control panel.


What is re-verification time?

It is the duration set for the re-verification. During this period, even if the person shows his face continuously on the camera, system will not record the next verification event (attendance logs).


What is meant by watch tamper?

When it is enabled, if someone tries to tamper the device, system will give alarm.


What is auto change of time mode?

This is useful only in case of single shift situation. Using this option, you can set specific time-slot for Entry, Exit or Breaks. For e.g. all punches between 9:00am and 10:00am can be treated as "IN" logs.


What is the user capacity of device?

1200 in 1: N scenario with face.


Can FAC-300 recognize pictures?

No, this product has the live face detection function and it waits for the live face for recognition process.


Will there be any recognition difficulty for any particular person?

No. In some cases, if there is any difficulty in recognizing a person - may be due to improper registration process orvaried lighting conditions, etc - then re-enrol the person and check again.This will solve the issue.


Does FAC-300 support TCP/IP network communication?

Yes, it supports TCP/IP network communication.


Should a user first be registered with an administrator to use the new product? Why?

Yes, to use the virgin device, the user must first be registered with at least one administrator. This is because of the high security and optimized management system built-in.


Does FAC-300 support Wiegand type protocol?

It supports wiegand 26 or 34 output. It comes with standard Wiegand protocol that is compatible with most access control panels.


Does FAC-300 support door access?

Yes, it supports door access.


Can we register photos in this device?

Yes, we can register photos in this device during enrollment.


What is the use of a registered photo in FAC-300 device?

When you access the face, the device will display the registered photo with verification screen.


What is the" enrolled photo" and" real time camera" in photo setting option?

When we set "enrolled photo" in photo setting option, during verification time the enrolled photo will be displayed on the screen. If we set "real time camera" in photo setting option, then it captures real time picture and display it on the screen during verification process.


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