IP Camera based Surveillance System with Stranger Identification (Facial Biometric)

We can make your surveillance system intelligent!

As the IP camera availability has increased compared to earlier, the cost also has came down drastically. This is an advantageous situation for all. Compared to analogue cameras, IP camera solution give its own convenience and comfort and in long-run the benefits are more.

IP camera solutions also can be utilized for other purposes, than the basic surveillance applications. We can convert the site into an intelligent working environment that can identify the suspects or identify the Strangers from the crowd.

We have ready solutions for Stranger Identification that can give you alerts as soon as a Stranger is being found by the system.

Using the latest Facial Biometric technology, we enrol all the known person to the system database and each image is converted into a facial biometric templates and store into a professional database like Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, etc. It's an automatic process by which we generate the data base of known persons.

Once the above database is ready, the system is ready to identify and alert when a stranger appeared in front of the system. Secondly, our system also capable to store unlimited faces from the video stream along with the date & time stamp this can be a real assistance in case of any unwanted event occur. Compared to CCTV data storage, we can store the critical information like - who came at what time - for more than 2-3 years (limit is only on your hard-disk limit).

Thus we can help you to make your system intelligent and get best out of your investment from your surveillance system.


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