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Safety & Security in Schools /Academic institutions

Schools are among the safest places for our children to be, with more victimizations occurring away from schools than at school. And yet, in the recent past, students were victims of thousands of crimes, and many were serious violent crimes. In Indian scenario, the crime rates in schools are less compared to other developed countries, however, students are experiencing bullying, teasing, personal property damage and theft during and on the way to and from school. These seemingly minor incidents can often escalate into crisis situations.

It's not always students are the victims of such crimes, but there are many cases, reported and un-reported - where teachers were the victims!

Many School Managements & Educators have come to realize that the foundation of all learning is safety and security. Attendance and academic performance are closely linked to how safe students perceive the school environment to be. It's hard for young people to concentrate on learning when they feel vulnerable and a climate of fear forces teachers to shift their focus from teaching to policing.

Safety and security concerns are fast becoming an important part of any dialog about improving school-wide academic performance.

Understanding school safety and security also means learning what it's like to be a student at the school. Bullying, intimidation, and isolation are particularly common in middle schools. In the worst cases, these traumas can cause low self-esteem, poor academic performance, and depression. Some students who are bullied react by avoiding school entirely. Others respond with violence towards their tormentors, other students, or themselves.

School Safety and Security: A Concern for Parents

Your child's school hasn't had a crisis that warrants national news coverage, but you've become increasingly aware of disturbing incidents that aren't as harmless as they once seemed. Perhaps you've seen graffiti on the bleachers or a broken classroom window. Maybe you've heard that a teacher's car was stolen from the parking lot of a nearby school or that evidence of drug dealing was found at the playground. Even if you haven't noticed anything unusual, it's never too early to start thinking about school safety and security. Preventive action can keep minor problems from turning into serious ones.

Please leave your worries to us .... we can convert and upgrade your campus to a safer place for everyone!

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