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Head Count System is a camera based solution

In large public gathering or organisations having a large labour force a need arises to have a count of the flow of people in the area. Head Count System is a camera based solution for Shopping Malls, Public places, Mega Events etc. This can also be used for Enterprises and factories to get the total head-count dynamically.

The best feature in the solution is that along with counting of the people, the system also stores images with date/time stamp in the database. These stored images can be used for organisations for forensic analysis or any other future requirements that may arise.

Some of the unique features of the products are -

  • A low cost solution for logging people passing through doors, gates, passages, entrances using multi face detection technology
  • Access any IP Camera
  • Detect faces found in the cam stream at fixed intervals
  • Store to the database the faces found and provide the report in pdf format
  • Shows live face counts
  • Quick filter report based on time period
  • Very useful for Shopping malls, Auditoriums, Cinema Stalls, etc.


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